Il Nuovo Broglio
Part I

Collaborators: Javier Pleguezuelos Tenorio _ Jesús Villar Quintana

Part II

Antiguamente, when Venice was a garden city over the water, there used to be places called broglios, meeting points where citizens to debate. These agoras, being the one in San Marcos the biggest, disappeared as the urban trim became more complex.

The Troncceto, naval infraestructure brutally added to the city, evolves into a new entrance. From the lagoon to the city through a garden. A new green space which () an industry and gives it to the students.

The paths that cross it evocan a los canales, and the topography oponiéndose al rehundimiento de la batimetría lagunar. Las grandes naves que ocupan la renovada dársena se dotan de programas relacionados con los estudiantes.

The building developed in a higher level works as an ampliation of the Architecture school (IUAV) given its proximity. Se crea una sucesión de espacios which give the building the use of classes and departments, auditorium and library.