First Prize in the design contest of the Students Union of Architecture logo (DEA)
Collaborator: Javier Pleguezuelos Tenorio

“In order to design the logo for the Students Union, we had the feeling that it had to be directly related with the new faculty (opened that year); A design inspired by an element of the own faculty. This is idea is not just a formal whim. The DEA is an institution that represents all the students in the ETSAG, and must be present in our everyday life as something to trust, a resource of help.

So, in the search of a significant reference, we encounter the inner patio which façade can be seen in the picture above. The logo appears in the timber planks wall, the one that oversight the main patio and, at the same time, works as a transition between the two patios of the faculty. To express the importance of this façade, in our logo the planks are displaced and disordered, appearing the letters from within, as a passerby that looks from behind the wall into the patio (In one of the three levels behind the wall). We want the students to identify the logo in the wall, not only in a formal sense but also as something to interact and cohabit. In the logo, the lines represent the façade of the faculty, being this at the same time an analogy with the students that conform it. All the students that make possible this faculty are also part of the Students Union.”